Dutch National Week Without Meat & Dairy

The 6th edition of the Dutch National Week Without Meat & Dairy (Week Zonder Vlees & Zuivel) was held from March 6th to March 12th, 2023.
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Dutch National Week Without Meat & Dairy

This edition boasted a record number of participants, including supermarkets, producers, schools, petrol stations, student associations, and ministries, who joined the campaign. Notably, the campaign included dairy as a permanent feature for the first time, encouraging the entire Netherlands to consume less meat and dairy and become aware of the positive impact such a change can have on the climate. The campaign aimed to inspire and motivate people to adopt more sustainable food choices.

To build on the success of previous years, the organizers of this year's campaign have launched a new television program called 'A Week Without'. The program features Dutch chefs who cook delicious dishes without meat and dairy. This innovative addition is aimed at further enhancing the impact of the campaign and inspiring more people to explore plant-based cuisine. To make the transition to a meat and dairy-free diet easier some tips were given. These tips include planning ahead and making a list of ingredients, trying new plant-based recipes, planning meals ahead of time, buying plant-based alternatives in bulk, and using herbs and spices to add flavor to dishes.

This year's campaign has secured the support of 69 partners, including major supermarkets. These partners made vegetarian and plant-based products easily accessible through various promotions and discounts. As part of the Diningcity’s National Restaurant Week, a number of affiliated restaurants offered a special Week Without Meat & Dairy menu. Train stations offered tasty vegetarian and plant-based alternatives during this week.

The Vegetarian Butcher hosted 'Pluimfeesten' events throughout the week across the country, providing free vegan Pluimfeest Burgers accompanied by live music performed by the Pluimfeest band. Additionally, in partnership with The Vegetarian Butcher, HelloFresh will offer consumers the chance to sample a range of delectable vegetarian dishes throughout the month of March. This collaboration aims to introduce more people to the flavors of plant-based cuisine and promote sustainable food choices.

Last year, The National Week Without Meat & Dairy campaign had a significant impact, with one in five people in the Netherlands participating and almost two-thirds of the country being aware of it. By the end of the campaign, 87% of participants expressed their desire to reduce meat consumption, while 73% expressed their interest in reducing dairy intake. Despite the remarkable success, the organization responsible for the campaign is continuously innovating to encourage everyone in the Netherlands to take part in the challenge.

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