Related initiatives

GIANT LEAPS directly contributes to several European and International programmes to reduce the climate footprints of food production and consumption, develop innovative circular solutions and ensure long-term food security.
To amplify our efforts, we collaborate with other projects funded by the EU that share our mission: to make food production and consumption systems healthier for all and more environmentally and economically sustainable.

European and international initiatives

Food 2030
The European Commission's Food 2030 initiative is an EU research and innovation policy to transform food systems and ensure everyone has enough affordable, nutritious food to lead a healthy life.
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Farm to Fork
The Farm to Fork strategy is an EU initiative aiming to make food systems fair, healthy and environmentally friendly.
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The UN Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all, including Good Health and Well-being, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, Responsible consumption and Production, and Climate Change.
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The FOOD 2030 Online Platform is a common platform for all projects, partnerships, networks, living labs, communities of practice and other initiatives working on transforming the food system for the benefit of the people and the planet.
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EU-funded projects

NextGenProteins will optimise the production of three alternative proteins and verify their use in various feed and food applications, in order to meet customers’ needs and ensure consumer acceptance.
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Smart Protein

Smart Protein develops novel proteins using by-products from pasta, bread, and beer production with the aim of producing an entirely new range of sustainable, nutritious, and cost-effective protein-rich foods.

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ProFuture focused on boosting the production and use of microalgae protein-rich ingredients in food and feed to create a more sustainable and cost-efficient microalgae industry.
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SUSINCHAIN aims to contribute to novel protein provision for feed and food in Europe by overcoming the remaining barriers for increasing the economic viability of the insect value chain and opening markets.
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VALPRO Path will ensure circular and transparent plant protein production in the EU, paving the way for the new future of food and economic growth.
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The LIKE-A-PRO project aims to facilitate sustainable and healthy diets by shifting promising alternative proteins and products from niche to mainstream.
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