WP8.3 Workshop: Dissemination of results to policy makers via dedicated policy briefs

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WP8.3 Workshop: Dissemination of results to policy makers via dedicated policy briefs

Work Package 8 of the Giant Leaps project conducted a workshop on June 29th, focusing on the dissemination of results to policy makers through dedicated policy briefs.

Policy briefs serve as a distinct method of customized communication, delivering comprehensive, scientifically backed information in a tangible format that policymakers can easily comprehend.

This virtual collaborative workshop centered on the formulation and development of a series of policy briefs within the Giant Leaps project on different subjects. Participants were allocated approximately 20 minutes per topic, during which they engaged in discussions aimed at addressing the subsequent key points:

  • Distillation of key messages to be covered within each policy brief.
  • Enumeration of the specific sub-topics that each policy brief is set to explore, providing a content list.
  • Identification of the relevant target audience for each policy brief.
  • Deliberation on potential external contributors 

Taking the aforementioned subjects into account, participants were tasked with developing a set of policy briefs, adhering to the following guidelines:

  • One policy brief dedicated to the domain of integrated food policy, encompassing dietary objectives for the year 2030, interrelated goals and impacts for sectoral policies.
  • Two distinct sectoral policy briefs addressing public health and consumer education.
  • Three policy briefs on food safety.
  • One policy brief intended to inform both agricultural and aquacultural sectoral policies.
  • Two policy briefs centered on matters of environmental policy and circularity.


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